Keetole Logo & Identity Design

My clients had a Facebook page with a huge following centred around athletics, sports and Kalenjin culture. They sometimes sold branded merchandise for example t-shirts, wallets and work-out gear to the page’s followers. Most of their sales were based on random buzzwords that were trending on the facebook page. One such word was Keetole. A play on the Swahili word ‘kidole’ which means finger, the client was looking to take the brand to newer heights. They needed a brand that had the potential to stand alongside other well-recognised, international brands e.g. Nike, Adidas and Supreme without feeling out of place. In short, a logo true to its African roots, yet modern, and minimalist. As a final thing, the client wanted the colours limited to (n)one: black.

ClientKeetoleServicesLogo & Identity DesignYear2017


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