As a digital marketer, I design and manage digital marketing campaigns, create captivating content for your social media channels and come up with creative ways for your brand to stay top-of-mind. I also track and analyse the performance of your digital marketing strategies against key performance indicators e.g. sales made, increase in brand awareness or even customer approval. Having done this for a while now, I also know a thing or two about how to get the most value out of your digital spend.

82% of all urban shoppers start their purchase journey online. They will Google a product even before they make the actual purchase and if your business offers the best proposition, they will likely buy from you. As a first step, I help make sure that you’re visible online through optimising your web content for search engine visibility. Then I use a mix of engaging content and good design to give your customer the most attractive proposition they can find online.

Because I have a track record of good performance. I have consistently delivered increased sales and brand appeal/awareness to my customers using a fraction of the budget you would require if you were to opt for traditional media. I am also agile and highly-responsive to new changes in the field of digital marketing, which means that I can give my clients the best and the latest that the industry has to offer.

Digital Marketing

I craft bespoke, cost-effective, digital marketing strategies that deliver measurable results. 

Web Design

I develop fast, responsive, modern websites that are optimised to give the best user experiences.

Brand & Identity Design

I ensure that your visual communication is simple, appealing and memorable.

Social Media Management

I create and disseminate high-quality content across your social media channels.

Creative Writing

I write marketing and web copy that is coherent and engaging to your target customers.

Online PR

I generate positive media coverage to boost your business's reputation online.

Who is Lewis Wachira?

I am a journalist by profession and a marketer through passion. Collectively, I have four years of working experience in the fields of sales, digital marketing and design. When I'm not working, you'll find me outdoors swimming, hiking random mounds of earth, or debating why capitalism is a growingly unsustainable method of distributing wealth and resources.

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